The Siberian husky


Class: Working Dog

Height: 51-60 cm

Weight: 16 to 27 kg

Life span: 10-15 years

Grooming: 4/5 Daily brushing in depth

Exercise need: 5/5

Level of Experience required by the owner: 4/5

Le husky sibérien - Hôpital Vétérinaire Ste-Rose de Laval


This breed has retained its purity for over 3000 years by Siberian nomads which bred the best riders. As you know, the Siberian Husky was bred in order to pull sleds over long distances at medium speed. They were designed robust, fast and vigorous. These qualities were highlighted in the winter of 1925 when a Siberian crew rescued city of Nome, Alaska, from an epidemic of diphtheria, by delivering the remedy. The breed also participated in research missions and polar rescues during World War II. His popularity was then widespread on most continents in 1960.


The Husky is enthusiastic, working, loving and has a great desire to please. However, is nervous of nature and therefore needs to be well socialized as a puppy. Given its origins, it is clear that this dog would rather spend his energy in large outdoor areas with other congeners rather than stay locked up at home. Therefore, it takes a very active owner who will lead him to participate in his daily life. Obviously, note that he has a big tendency to pull on a leash.


With a rather robust health, this breed is rarely seen clinically for specific problems. However, since it is a large breed dog, it is not immune to joint problems. We recommend that you give them glucosamine and chondroitin specially formulated for dogs. Moreover, considering that it is a breed designed to withstand extreme cold, it is at risk of heat stroke in summer.

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