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Health examsYour cat and your dog are important members of your family and it is for this reason that we take care of them. Examinations for kittens and puppies, annual physical examinations of adult animals, health examinations for our older patients, dental examinations and immunization/vaccination programs are all important to assess the condition of your pet and keep him healthy for a long time.

We would like to offer your pet the best care possible to ensure him a longer, healthier life, and therefore happier. At the Ste-Rose Veterinary Hospital, we offer services for the well-being of your pet at all stages of his life , offer periodic physical exams, vaccinations, dental exams and care programs for older pets .

Of all the services we provide to our customers, we are convinced that the routine is one of the most important. A thorough examination allows us to detect diseases before they occur. By feeling your pet from tip of nose to tip of tail, we can not only detect the presence of unwanted guests, but also whether it's internal organs were normal size or uncomfortable and detect other serious abnormalities. Touch is one of the most advanced in our arsenal of diagnostic instruments tool. Of course, we recommend that our patients undergo a physical examination and a blood test every year, just like your own doctor for you.

veterinarians Laval
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