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Karine and Marie-Christine taking digital X-ray of Dexter's abdomen

Digital and dental x-rays 

X-ray machines we have on-site can help us to quickly assess any injury or physical abnormality that could affect the well-being of your pet. Whether for a urinary, digestive, joint, or other respiratory problem, an X-ray will help us make a more precise diagnosis.
We can promptly adopt a plan of action, whether medical or surgical nature, or both at once. 


It is also possible to do an abdominal ultrasound, be it a medical problem for pregnancy diagnosis or for evaluation of the urinary system.
If a heart problem is suspected, it is possible to hire a specialist who will travel here to perform a cardiac ultrasound of your pet.


With our internal diagnostic laboratory, we can perform various analyzes we need to identify your pet's problem. We can begin treatment immediately, which will help your pet recover quickly. 

Marie-Christine, Vet. tech. looking at a slide on the microscope-Blood Analysis: glycemia, hematology and biochemistry 


-Cytologie Skin, mass and ears 

-Fecal Analysis 

-In-house Detections tests: Lyme, Heart Worm, AIDS and Feline Leukemia, Pancreatic Lipase, Parvovirus. 

If necessary, we can also send samples to an external laboratory for specific tests.

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