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Neutering of animals at young age is probably the most frequent surgery performed by veterinarian. This procedures allows to limit animal overpopulation and to avoid health problems in our four-legged friends. This surgery is always done under complete anesthesia, may it be a male or a female, a dog, a cat or a rabbit.



Anesthesia and Surgery

Several other reasons may require sedation or anesthesia. Whether to make a further examination in an animal in pain or aggressive (wound care, or X-rays for example), for a surgical pr


ocedure (eg excision of a mass), or for a specific or uncomfortable treatment for the anima (placing a splint), the majority of those intervention can be made here, at the Ste-Rose Veterinary Hospital. Veterinarians will recommand the appropriate procedure. We use protocols and products at the cutting edge of thecnology to ensure the safety and health of your pet, as well as its fast recovery. 

Laser surgery

The unique ability of a laser to remove tissues place it apart from other surgical tool. It can be used to precisely remove tissue and brings many benefits, such as reduced bleeding, swelling and post-operative pain. Therefore, recovery is faster and the patient can resume normal activities more quickly. Applications range from routine surgeries (neutering and declawing) the the more specialized surgieries (such as correction of entropion or stenosis of the nostrils). Ask our team for more information ont this technology. 


Dental care

Our pets are now living longer and older. This is why dental care is more important than ever. Of course, a safe teeth scaling in a dog or cat will not be as easy as it sound. Therefore, teeth cleaning should always be done under general anesthesia. We are pleased to offer full dentistry service for cats and dogs, including teeth scaling and polishing or toothe extractions if the condition requires it. This way, your pet will have a better breath and fewer health problem at short or longer terms.


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