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My dog eats his stool

My dog eats his stool
Coprophagia (eating feces) is a behavioral problems more common, especially among young dogs.
However, this behavior can cause gastric problems and especially ingesting intestinal parasites. Besides, this attitude is an unpleasant aspect for homeowners.
What to do:
  • For dogs who ingest only their own feces, it is important to clean their place immediately after defecation to reduce access to them. It is really important to not pick up the feces in front our dog because it could act by association and want to do the same with his mouth.
  • Dogs with this problem should be fed two to three times per day with a balanced and high in fiber  diet which will reduce the motivation for coprophagia.
  • The addition of certain elements to the diet as "For Bid" or cookies coal can alter the taste of feces and make them less attractive to dog owners and help to correct the behavior problem.
  • Education is essential for correcting the behavior of coprophagia and verbal warning of "no" should be firm and instantaneous when the animal takes the feces in his mouth. Having the dog nose in its feces or ''smell it'' should never be followed by a correction for the animal must be able to differentiate between the gripping feces and use of smell to identify what it meets on his way.
  • And above all: to ensure that the animal is well dewormed.


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