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My pets have fleas

My pets have fleas. What to do?

Fleas love warm and humid places.
Once on the animal, fleas can multiply wherever they move, including your home. Fleas bite their hosts to feed. Their injecting an irritant to the skin that can cause irritation, itching and pruritus. Fleas lay their eggs on the host and they fall into the environment. The life of the adult flea is between 14-140 days. The time varies depending on temperature and humidity. Fleas can cause serious health problems to our pets. Symptoms can range from mild itching, redness, hair loss to more serious symptoms such as anemia, allergic dermatitis to flea bites, tapeworms transmissions etc. If you find fleas on your pets, do not panic because there are some very effective products to curb the problem without making calls to exterminators. It is important to treat all animals in the house, because the fleas are highly contagious parasites. If your pets go outside it is important to treat preventively. Do not hesitate to consult with our staff to know which product would be best suited to your pet.
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