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Centre Canin La Patte champêtre

Boarder, grooming, day care and education

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You have a cat problem, they have a solution.

The Cat Educator apply their expertise and experience in feline behaviour by intervening when problematic situations occur, and by educating the public. Not only does this help cat owners to develop an harmonious relationship with their pet, it also reduces the occurrence of euthanasia and abandon caused by behavioral problems.

The Team to make you purr !

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Yellow Dog Project

Did you know that a movement was born in the dog world, to avoid unpleasant encounters? Indeed, when you met a dog wearing a scarf around his neck, it means that he needs some distance.

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J’ai une bulle !

Because each dog has a bubble, and that some are larger than others.
Here is the website ” J’ai une bulle ! ” which is the Quebec version of Yellow Dog Project
Their yellow scarfs are available here, at the Ste-Rose Veterinary Hopital or through their web site.

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Centre DMV, Urgence et Référence

DMV Veterinary Center located in Montreal (Lachine) offers you rapid access without appointment to emergency medical care for your pet 24h/7 year round, as well as a complete range of specialized services, ranging from surgery to oncology, including dermatology, ophthalmology and dentistry.

For those of you in Laval, or the North Shore, the DMV-North, is open and welcomes you when your regular clinic is closed:

  • 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. – Monday to Friday
  • 24h on weekends and holidays.

Somes specialized services are available during the week, by appointment.

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Centre Vétérinaire Laval, Urgence et Référence

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Cremanimo, a dingified and humaine farewell

The CREMANIMO team are animal lovers with several years of expertise in animal cremation. CREMANIMO is a large-scale crematorium that use cutting edge technology.

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UrbanRoseDog Boutique

Supplier of trendy bandanas so that your love on 4 paws can be dressed with fashion !

UrbanRoseDogBoutique is a virtual shop. We deliver directly to you door!

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La Cabane à Liam

La Cabane à Liam is a Quebec dog refuge, all races. The dogs that they offer for adoption are dogs in need, locally collected.

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Animatch, the all inclusive Canine Adoption Center

Animatch is a well-organized intimate center with a limit of 15 adoptees at all times. All their dogs are socialized with humans (adults & children), other dogs and, of course, the resident cat!

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Foundation for Veterinary Aid International is a quebec based foundation dedicated to animal aid in foreign countries. Dr. Marie-Josée Simard and Dr. Martine Nadeau are the two veterinarians behind all these beautiful projects.

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Humane Society International

Humane Society International (HSI) a charitable nonprofit organization founded in 1954 with a constituency of more than eleven million people. Humane Society International is addressing animal issues that cross many borders and impact millions of animals worldwide.

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Fondation DMV

The DMV Veterinary Centre, whose mission is to provide the finest veterinary care possible, has founded the DMV Foundation. The funds raised serve to provide financial assistance to needy pet owners whose animals are treated at DMV Centre. Imagine the joy of a family whose pet will be able to undergo treatments thanks to the DMV Foundation.

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Veterinary Financing

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A puppy that as not been housetrained can't physically restrain himself more than ''it's age + 1'' in hour.
That mean a 3 months old puppy will be able hold on for 4 hours until it has to eliminate.



Latest news and statements regarding pet care, guidelines, training and grooming.

Let’s talk Rabies

Let's talk Rabies Let's talk Rabies We are often asked what is the importance of vaccination against rabies, or if vaccination is required or necessary. This week, the Veterinary Hospital Ste-Rose will answer these questions and demystify this deadly disease often underestimated and trivialized in Quebec . Rabies is an infectious disease of viral origin, [...]

Find a good breeder

Find a good breeder Your decision is made, you want to adopt an animal. You've thought about it and you have the budget and the time to take care of it. You also have an idea of what species and breed you seek and what kind of companion you desire. But where to find it? [...]

Brachicephalic Syndrome

Brachicephalic Syndrome Congenital and hereditary condition adquire by dogs that have a wider head and a flattened muzzle, brachicephalic breeds. The breeds most at risk are the Bulldog, Pug, Pekinese, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Shar Pei, and certain Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso. One anomaly seen in this syndrome is stenosis of the nostrils where the [...]

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