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Par Stéphanie Brunelle TSA, le February 21, 2017

Class: Hunting and companion dog

Height: 33 cm to 40 cm at the withers

Weight: 8 to 18 kg (depending on format)

Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years sometimes up to 15 years

Grooming: 1/5 ... a simple weekly brushing necessary

Exercise needs: 3 4/5

Level of experience required by the owner: 3 4/5



Most studies reports that the Beagle has seen the day in England during the reign of Henry VII who used them to hunt hares, wild boar and some deer. Today, it is more often seen in families with hunters to track game.



Since this dog is a little ball of energy, there is no doubt he has to exercise a lot to avoid behavioral problems such as anxiety and excessive barking. Moreover, it requires an experienced owner or at least some training courses because it's a pretty stubborn dog especially when he spots a smell. For this reason, and to prevent them from running away, we strongly advise you to have a well fenced yard. Despite all this, he has the reputation of being an excellent companion for children and enjoys playing with other dogs. It is an enthusiastic, intelligent and affectionate animal who will be happy to share your daily life.




The most often health issues seen in this breed, is eye problems such as glaucoma and corneal dystrophies * ** and on occasion neurological disorders. Despite its general good health, it is recognized as a true stomach on foot! So be very careful with his weight and prevent obesity by calculating the portions of food and reducing treats.


* Increased pressure within the eye

** Variables Genetic Diseases limited to corneal

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