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Border Collie

Border Collie
Par Stéphanie Brunelle TSA, le January 18, 2017

Border Collie

Class: Sheepdog

Height: 46-55 cm

Weight: 14 25 kg

Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years

Grooming: Regular brushing is enough ¾

Exercise need: 5/5

Level experience required by the owner: 5/5


This excellent working dog comes from the Border region in the south of Scotland. It would be the Celts who allegedly created it to direct the sheep herds. This herd dog instinct is still very strong today.


Ranked as THE smartest dog in the world and known to be tireless, it goes without saying that it needs an owner who will make him spend as much physical and mental energy as possible, to avoid destructive behavior. Rapid, agile and fast learner, he will be happy to participate in your tasks, will perform well in agility and adore will playing frisbee with you. It is rather reserved with strangers and prefers to be the only companion at home.


Representatives of the race we usually see are black and white. However, know that the merle color, sand color, bicolor, tricolor and solid color (except completely white) is accepted.


The Border collie has a weakness in the eyes especially in the retina.

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