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German Sheperd

German Sheperd
Par Stephanie Brunelle TSA, le November 21, 2016

The German Shepherd


Class: Working dog

Size: 55-65 cm at the withers

Weight: 29-43 kg

Life expectancy: 9-13 years

Grooming: 3/5 ... A thorough brushing daily is necessary

Exercise need: 4/5

Experience level required by the owner: 5/5



First used in Germany for herding, the German Shepherd was then modeled in the nineteenth century by an officer of the German army (Max von Stephanitz) to turn it into a military dog ​​and give it its current appearance. Therefore, 50,000 of his dogs were enlisted during World War 1 era to serve the German army. His overall popularity increased exponentially but because of poor training and poor selection by breeders, it was classified as an aggressive dog and wasn’t chose by families. Today, it is an excellent working dog and excels in several areas including mountain rescue, guard dog, police dog and in the military.


All ressources agrees that the German Shepherd can be a great family or work dog ​​ if they receive strict training by an experience and authoritarian person. He also needs a sports teacher that will stimulate his intellect and which let him spend his energy to keep a good mental and physical health. It will become a faithful, calm and affectionate dog. If those recommendations are not followed, the German Shepherd can easily become destructive, very anxious and become particularly aggressive with strangers and other animals.


This breed is often seen in consultation for joint problems (specifically hip dysplasia), digestive, skin, pancreatic insufficiency and anxiety problems.

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