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CatCamp :One dream weekend with EduCATor at Zoo Academy

CatCamp :One dream weekend with EduCATor at Zoo Academy
Par Marie-Christine Hamelin, Technicienne en Santé Animale, le November 27, 2015

In September, I had the chance to follow a fantastic training with none other than Daniel Fillion and his team of educhateurs (educator for cats). If you do not already know, Educhateur is a reference in feline behavior in Quebec.


If intervenants are numerous in canine behavior, in the cat area, they are rare. So, people are used to hear about dogs with behavior problems, anxiety or aggression. Several owners consult experts to find a solution to their very particular situation.


By cons, it is relatively new to ask help for this kind of problems if it concerns a cat. Many years ago, a behavior problem would just have ended in euthanasia, no question asked. Today, most veterinarians will investigate these issues more thoroughly before agreeing to euthanize an animal that is besides that, healthy.


In veterinary clinic, we face discouraged owners every day of the behavior of their cat. May it be  because Felix urinated once more out of his litter, because it attacks your guests or it bites whenever you try to caressed it, veterinarians and technicians have more and more knowledge in the field of feline behavior to help you.


When cases are beyond us, it is where we contact our educhateurs. So, in september, I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and expertise in this area, with a three-day unique in the world formation. I brought back with me a variety of tips and experiences to make our work more effective in clinical. The field of feline behavior is changing and evolving rapidly. What we thought true ten years ago, is no longer the same as it was five years ago or even a few months, as more and more experts in the field to address and study the issue.


In addition to this behavior formation, I was lucky enough that it was given in a beautiful location, Zoo Academie located in Nicolet, near Trois-Rivière. Its mission is to preserve, raise awareness and educate. Founded by Jacinthe Bouchard, the zoo has just celebrated its first year of existence. Expert in animal behavior and recognized around the world for over 20 years, Jacinthe Bouchard has worked with many zoos around the world, with customs and police services, and education. She is a leader in the field of enrichment, impregnation and training of animals in captivity.


At the zoo, all the animals are impregnated, which bring them to not fear humans. This technique makes the visits, exams or manipulations less stressful, and even pleasant for the animal.


In the next article, I will talk a little more about that remarquable experience I had. While you wait, I leave you with few pictures of Sayenne, a young lynx four months of age.


Marie-Christine, Veterinary Technician


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