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Let's talk porcupines and skunk

Let's talk porcupines and skunk
Par Catherine Lapierre, TSAc, le June 22, 2015

 When your dog has a dispute with a porcupine, it is important to immediately contact your veterinarian for a quick appointment. We often hear that we must cut the quills as soon as possible. This is a myth! One must be very careful to remove those famous quill and especially not cut them.


It is usually essential to do so under anesthesia for the procedure is not painful for the animal. Also because the quills are often found in the mouth or palate of the dog. You have to be very delicate so that the quills do not break and they must be removed by the base of it. If the quill is cut, they will migrate elsewhere within the body of your pet, they encapsulate and will not be accessible. This can cause long-term complications, such as a body rejection or infection.


Regarding skunks, they produce a very smelly liquid from their anal glands. Contrary to belief, this is not urine! If the dog gets it into the mouth, it is normal to see him drool profusely as this can taste very bad. Also, if he has some in the eyes, it may be it irritating even to cause conjunctivitis and other more serious problems. In this case, you can try to apply lubricating eye drops to rinse. By cons, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian to eliminate any more serious problems.


As for the smell, there are products like shampoo or soap that you can put in the wash to clean your companion's bedding or your clothes. There are also homemade shampoo recipes against those odors. Tomato juice works only rarely with animals and it can stain his coat.


For more information please contact a member of the Ste-Rose Veterinary Hospital, it will be our pleasure to assist you.


Catherine Lapierre, TSAc

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