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Water consomption in cats

Water consomption in cats
Par Catherine Lapierre, TSAc, le January 19, 2015
Cats do not tend to consume enough water. In many cases they do not feel thirsty like dogs. Yet it is very important for their health to consume enough water so urine does not stay too long in their bladder. Just the fact of drinking water will stimulate them to urinate more often. An animal that often empty its bladder will experience fewer urinary problem because the urine does not remain stagnant. When urine remains in the bladder too long, minerals that accumulate may favor the creation of urinary crystals.

A healthy cat should drink an average of 200 ml of water per day. Here are tips to increase water intake that your cat will consume in a day.
First, cats do not like their vibrissae (whiskers) to touch the edges of their bowl. Indeed, it is recommanded to give them water in a rather large and less deep bowl so that their whiskers do not touch the bowl! To fill more the bowl can also help, almost to the edge.

Also, cats do not have a very good vision from very close to the face, which is why they sometimes touch the water with their paws before drinking or they may dip the tip of nose by mistake in the water! It is advisable to use a water fountain that creates movement in the water, making it easier for the cat to spot. Otherwise, some cats like to drink the water flowing from the tap or in the bath or in the sink.
Unlike dogs, most cats do not associate drinking water with the time of eating. That is why, for cats it is advisable to forget the bowls tied together. It would be better not to put the food bowl too close to the water bowl. Indeed, if a food kibble is found in the bowl of water of your kitty, there is a good chance that it looks away, as if dirty!

You can even place the two bowls on different floors if your home allows it, as it also promote physical activity for your cat! Of course, do not forget to take into account the specific needs of your cat. Cats are not all the same and some will prefer to have their two bowls at the same floor! You are the best to observe your pet and set their preferences.
The goal is just to increasing the amount of water your cat drinks in a day, because it's very good for his health and at the same time, why not make it move a little more?
Finally, you can also offer canned food to your cat, because it contains more water than dry food. The important thing is to ensure that it is of high quality. Of course, on the opposite, if you notice your cat consumes more than 250 ml of water in a day, it could indicate that he has a health problem. In this case, it is advisable to have the animal examined to rule out disease.
Catherine Lapierre, Certified Veterinary Technician

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