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Housesoiling and urinary problems in cats

Housesoiling and urinary problems in cats
Par Marie-Christine Hamelin, TSA, le January 5, 2015


In veterinary clinic, a large number of calls we receive concern housesoiling with cats. Indeed, it is common to hear that a cat has urinated in bed, on a sofa, in the bath or on a carpet. Rest assured, you are not alone in this situation.


Feline urinary troubles include several problems related to the urinary system : bacterial infections, crystals and / or stones, and cystitis. They can sometimes be combined with housesoiling or behavior problem related to the urinary system, or be confused with them. If your cat has been treated for one of those problems (or to avoid future troubles), here's some information to help you understand and identify possible symptoms and and what may cause it, in the hope to avoid appearance or reoccuring of those inconveniance.


Here are the signs to recognize early:

* Animal often goes in the litter box

* Crying when urinating

* Urine and defecate outside the litter box

* Often licks its genitals

* Blood in the urine

* Quantity and frequency of urine increases and / or decreases


We are often asked what is involved in urinary disorders. We would like to give you a precise and simple answer, and it is sometimes possible. But more often, it is difficult to pinpoint the main cause. This is often a combination of several factors.


* Stress (environment, litter, other animals, changes)

* Obesity

* Inadequate water consumption

* Genetic (persian cats)

* Food


To conclude:

*Males are more at risk of urinary blockage than females, so be alert to changes and respond quickly if any (in prevention ideally). When the problem is only at the stage of urinary infection or cystitis, it is easier and less expensive to treat.

*Cats of all ages can be affected.

*We must not forget that cats are routine animals. Small change can disturb them, and cause health problems (or behavior), sometimes severe.

*If your cat misuse the litter box, take an appointment with your veterinarian to perform an examination and urinalysis to rule out or treat any urinary tract infection


Feel free to discuss with the Ste-Rose Veterinary Hospital team about what measures you can take to prevent these unpleasant problems for you and your cat.

Marie-Christine Hamelin, Veterinary Technician


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