A bunny for Easter!

A bunny for Easter! Is it a good idea?

Many families would like to adopt a small pet to offer as a gift for the kids, especially rabbits. However, 80% of this animals end up in animal shelters because their been adopted at a glance and for the wrong reasons. Adopting an animal is something to reflect on because it implies a commitment to this living creature. You must know that rabbits live in general 8-10 years; they need special care and adequate feeding. After Easter season, the SPCA of Montreal receives many rabbit from families that cannot longer take care of them and the most frequent reason is the lake of time. At the same time the SPCA discourages this practice, because  « it teaches kids that if fine to acquire an animal and get rid of it when interest is lost. The animal grows or it requires much more attention than expected.»1

Although this practice has decreased over the last years, it is important to talk about this subject in order to prevent that this tiny beast end up in shelters.


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