Halloween is coming soon!

Halloween is coming soon!

Halloween is coming soon! A holiday well appreciated by young… and old alike. A lot of pet owners take a lot of time and joy in disguising their companion. Yet did you know that several of those succulent treats that your child will treasure in his Halloween bag contain potentially dangerous or fatal substances to your pets.

Some are well known as chocolate, which can lead to agitation, heart problems, gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, anxiety and even tremors and convulsions.

Other substances may be less known, such as xylitol. This product can be found in, among other, gums, mints and some sweets and candy. It is a substitute for the sugar. An animal that consumes it may have a drop in blood sugar so important that it can lead to seizures and even coma.

We must also pay attention to those little boxes of raisins. These can cause significant gastrointestinal signs, but they can especially cause acute renal failure, which can lead to death of your pet if it is not treated.

Also, if you have a pet that tends to swallow everything in its path , pay particular attention to the Halloween decorations and costume accessories.

So when the evening is over and your kids will have a belly full of sweets, make sure you store your bag of goodies out of reach. This will avoid nasty surprises !

The Ste-Rose Veterinary Hospital will open on Halloween night until 20h.

We wish you a great evening and a good harvest !

Christian DesRoches, veterinarian

In collaboration with Catherine Lapierre, veterinary technician

En collaboration avec Catherine Lapierre, TSAc

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