Dental Health

Dental Health

Dental disease affects about 80% of dogs and cats older than one year. It is also one of the problems most often diagnosed in small veterinary care. Dental problems affect the overall health of your pet’s quality of life and even his longevity.

Although you pets’ bad breath may seem trivial, even normal to many people, it is often the first sign noticed by pet owners. It usually indicates the plaque and dental calculus are already present for quite some time. If no care is provided, the problems could worsen and even become irreversible over time. Often when an animal is brought to us for such an exam and no preventive dental care have been made, this results in gingivitis, often infection and in dental extractions.

Periodontal disease can also cause serious health problems, which do not seem at first glance, linked to dental health. In fact, each day, the bacteria in the mouth of your pet enter the blood system by irritated gums and move throughout the body. These bacteria have an unhealthy impact on vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, intestine, and many others.

Dental care plays a key role in the health of your pet. If you undertake preventive care from an early age, you can avoid a lot of trouble later.

In animal care, february is well known as the ”month of dental health”. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to our technicians on the various options available to you as well as promotions available during that month. We can help you establish a dental plan tailored for your dog or cat.


Marie-Christine Hamelin, Veterinary technician

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