Buy an animal

Buy an animal: is that dog right for you?

In this article, I will discuss other factors to consider when choosing a pet. The budget alone will be the subject of my third article.

Way of life

What is your working schedule?

Do you travel a lot?

A person often absent, or with unstable schedule, will have a extremely hard time to educate and inculcate cleanliness in a puppy. If you regularly work eight hours a day or more, you can’t require your dog to retain for as long.

Also keep in mind that if you travel frequently, you’ll have to pay for a boarding or find someone who will be able to care for it.


Are you bossy? Patient?

Is this your first dog?

Some breeds are more difficult to educate than others. Learn if the one you want have a stubborn or docile character.


Are you a very sporty or rather sedentary person?

From Setter to Chihuahua, ALL dogs need to run, play and go for walks, with a varying amount depending on the breed. The exercise promotes good health and prevents many behavior problems.

Keep in mind that a physically exhausted dog will be alert to listen and understand your commands. If you think you will not be able to exercise with your dog at least once a day, choose an old dog or a cat.


How many hours a day are you willing to spend on your pet?

In addition to exercise requested, some breeds, such as the Border Collie or Jack Russell, need to be further stimulated a brain activiies than others. They are generally classified as “smarter” dogs. So they get bored quickly if offers with too simple games. These breeds are recommended for experienced people who have a lot of free time and will involve their dog to their daily routine.

On the other hand, although each animal should be brushed at least once a week and has its nail trim regularly, know that some breeds such as Persians, Colley or Shih Tzu require daily grooming. I therefore recommend those to anyone take pleasure in pampering their loved one.


What is your physical strength?

Some people want a large dog like a Rottweiler for protection but fail to walk him on a leash, because its strength far exceeds that of the owners. Rather than buying a spiked collar, which too often leads to injury, invest in an obedience class or adopt a breed adapted to your own strenght.


Living in group

You live as a couple? In family ? Collocation?

Determine all the rules that the animal must respect and work in unison for education. An animal will learn much more quickly and easily if all the commands are using the same vocabulary. Also allow or forbid the same elements.

Learn about the personality of breeds because some are less recommended for infants ages.


Stephanie, Veterinary Technician


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